Corporate Social Responsibility


Kalawaan Elementary School in Pasig was the second beneficiary of “SIKAP, TULONG, SULONG! (STS) held on November 12, 2016. NSE partnered once more with the NGO Renovate to Educate (rED) to organize the event and provided funds for the purchase of materials and operational expenses.

With these projects alone, there are over 4,116 students touched by the NSE employees, volunteers and partners. And this number will still grow with the three STS projects scheduled for the following year.


SIKAP, TULONG, SULONG! is a CSR program conceptualized by NSE to jointly conduct activities with the communities in its areas of operation. Apart from education, the program is envisioned to also include activities on health, environment and values formation. As its name implies, with the joint passion and effort (SIKAP) of the community, volunteers and friends, and the support (TULONG) of NSE, people can improve their lives and move forward (SULONG).

NSE partnered with a Non-Governmental Agency, Renovate to Educate (rED), in this project designed to benefit the Laoag Central Elementary School in July 2016.