Technology, age, and economic factors have affected the behavior of internal and external customers faster than we expect. As a technology guru said, “Everything you learned five years ago is old. Everything you learned 10 years ago is obsolete.”

A few years from now, even the largest companies may not be able play on the front-row anymore if they fail to adapt or adjust to the ever-changing world. Corporate survival no longer lies purely on the master craftsman’s skill, the efficiency of production lines, the persuasiveness of a salesman or the best mix of marketing tools. The new business paradigm focuses on customer relationship management (CRM), an approach that seeks to create, develop and enhance relationships with carefully targeted customers in order to improve customer value and corporate profitability, thereby maximizing shareholder value.

Northern Star Energy Corporation recently conducted The Need for Change: Creating New Paradigms with Customer Relationship Management, a workshop aimed at getting aligned on the definition of CRM, improving current and developing more relevant CRM programs, and committing the different Northern Star business units to collectively deal with current and future changes.

The whole-day workshop held on January 24, 2019 at Diamond Residences in Makati was facilitated by Mr. Jun Salipsip, CRM Consultant with Mike Ortega, Northern Star Customer Experience Manager and the Strategic Marketing and Communications Team. It was attended by 22 representatives from Northern Star Retail, Asset & Property, Commercial & Industrial, Supply Chain, Finance, Fuel Facilities Solutions Inc., GoPetrol and Support Services.

“We are each other’s customers,” said Juan Miguel T. Delgado, COO of Northern Star, in his Welcome Remarks. “Throughout our history, we have experienced rapid growth in all aspects of our business. We need each other to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations as we seek to stay relevant and profitable.”

The participants were grouped according to functions to work together on specific CRM-related tasks. Most of the participants see Northern Star to be a much larger organization in the future and identified trends that may either be threats or opportunities.  They were then asked to provide CRM-driven solutions to the threats and strategies to take advantage of the opportunities. The recommendations from the groups will be evaluated by the Northern Star senior management team for further development and implementation.