Northern Star opened its first Caltex service station in the municipality of Naguilian, La Union on March 18. Located in Barangay Ortiz, the town’s center of commercial activities, the site is within the EPIC Mall complex, the only shopping mall in the area. Caltex Naguilian caters to the local market as well as transient motorists going to and coming from Baguio City.

Naguilian is a first-class municipality comprised of 37 barangays with a total population of almost 55,000. It is 40 kilometers away from Baguio City via the Naguilian Road and 17 kilometers from the provincial capital, San Fernando City. Founded in 1839 along the fork of two rivers, the town derived its name from the Iloko phrase “Nag-ili-an dagiti gan-ganaet” meaning “a place where people from other places come to stay.