The Company distributes top quality fuel and lubricants to critical industrial, manufacturing and transportation companies all over the Philippines.

For our Commercial & Industrial clients in the construction, mining, transportation, manufacturing, power generation, services and leisure sectors, Northern Star is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2015 – certified business partner that provides multi-branded fuel products backed by the necessary sales and operations support to help achieve business growth.

To do this, we always prioritize our customer’s convenience and use our experienced sales staff and logistics capabilities to deliver the right products at the right time at competitive prices in the areas where we operate.

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For inquiries on how we can help your business grow by being your Commercial Fuel supplier, please send us an email at info@nstar.com.ph and we’ll contact you at the soonest time possible.



PSPC refines, blends, transports and sells a wide range of high-quality fuels, lubricants, bitumen and other specialty oil-based products. It operates a refinery with a rated capacity of approximately 110,000 bpd and over 960 retail stations nationwide.

Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC) commercial business prides itself as being a one stop shop for customers’ entire fuel and lubricants needs, providing fuel differentiation, technical consulting, security of supply through Shell’s network, price risk management customer offering, and a strong professional sales team.

The Wholesale Commercial Fuels business has a nationwide footprint. It serves leading companies in many industries including power, mining, wholesale, manufacturing, and marine.

Its product portfolio includes reliable main-grade and premium transport fuels (unleaded gasoline and diesel) for on-road and off-road heavy-duty vehicles as well as heavy fuel oils (cracked fuel oil and straight run fuel oil) for industrial heating and manufacturing boilers. Supply sources are a combination of local and imports.

Shell offers its customers innovative energy solutions that add value to their business, helping them improve the efficiency of their operations and reduce their environmental impact. In addition to high-quality fuels, its offers customers advanced business services to help them reduce their fuel price exposure and optimize energy use.

Products are made available to large customers directly, and to smaller customers indirectly through Resellers. Shell is also a global leader in fuels innovation; it continually invests in research and development and collaborate with customers and Original Equipment Manufacturers to further enhance our fuels technology and develop more efficient and cleaner products.

Credit: http://www.shell.com.ph/


Chevron markets high-quality Caltex® fuels, lubricants and other petroleum products. Its network of nearly 700 service stations, terminals and sales offices forms the backbone of its presence in the Philippines.

Its first convenience store was opened in 1995 with a Star Mart outlet. In 2009, 7-Eleven convenience stores began replacing Star Mart in Caltex service stations for a one-stop shop experience for essentials during motorists’ pit stops. Today, other convenience store brands are located within Caltex stations.

The company introduced Caltex with Techron ® in 2006. This fuel additive contains powerful detergents that clean the engine from inside resulting in better fuel economy, less emission, more power, smoother drive and reliable performance. In 2016, Techron was reformulated with the inclusion of a new Clean and Glide technology to help reduce friction and wear and tear between key engine components.

The company operates a world-class import facility in Batangas with a storage capacity of roughly 2.7 million barrels.

CPI is one of four Chevron subsidiaries in the country. Chevron Corporation is one of the largest investors in the Philippines, with more than $2 billion in capital investments.

Resource: https://www.caltex.com/ph/en.html